Public Relations / Press

Contacts with the Press / Media
Being a professional athlete people are always watching you. People talk about you, leave posts about you on Twitter or Facebook or sometimes even in the tabloids. Sometimes negative, sometimes (very) positive. A professional athlete therefore needs advice and / or media training in order to cope with the different kinds of media that exist today. Media can play a big part during your career in sports. P4P can help you profit from the rich benefits media has to offer. You also have to be careful however, sometimes you can be miss-quoted after you have been interviewed and that is why it is important to choose your words carefully. P4P can help you with this.

Social Media
P4P can also give you advice how to use social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Everything you say or post will be read and re read with the forthcoming consequences. If you need help or advice using social media in a good way please feel free to contact us.

Media Training
If you experience some trouble with talking to the press or do not feel quite comfortable when being interviewed P4P can arrange a media training.

Your performances can lead to companies offering you a sponsor contract. Sponsor contracts can be offered for the shoes that you wear, or clothes or even can be offered by companies that wish to be associated with you. The interest of companies to sponsor you does not always have to depend on your performances alone but also your image / personality plays a big role in their selection process.

If you require some more information about our public relations (P.R.) please contact us.

News and Information

Tailor-made advice
P4P wants you as a top football player / sportsman to be able to fully focus on your sport and your achievements.
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