Personal Coaching / Guidance

P4P offers their players / sportsmen personal coaching / guidance. Guidance during negotiations, planning and thinking what choices have to be made. Guidance and advice about medical issues, social and private issues. P4P is there for you to answer all you questions, even questions you are not comfortable with asking at your club or at home.

- Advice when needed
- Calling in the help of specialists / second opinions

- Mental training / coaching
- Personal training
- Education
- Employment (other than your career in sports)

We can also offer guidance and advice on social issues, on education or employment. For instance you wish to take a course or want to some classes and you ask yourself if this is possible to combine with your sport. Another example is that at the end of your career you want to know which club is right for you and if it is possible that during those last few years if it is also possible to prepare yourself for a career after finishing your sports career. P4P will be able to guide and help you in these circumstances.

If you need more information about our personal coaching / guidance, please contact us.

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Tailor-made advice
P4P wants you as a top football player / sportsman to be able to fully focus on your sport and your achievements.
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