Being a professional athlete you need to be aware of your nutrition. You have to monitor constantly what nutrition you need, what is necessary for your body to perform. Your body can be compared to an engine, which is constantly running. Professional athletes need more and proper nutrition compared to people who practice sport on just a recreational level. A good diet is very important and will be able to help you perform on the highest level. A sports doctor or a dietician, who outlines your perfect diet is highly recommended. The right training, nutrition and moments of rest / recuperation can help you achieve the best performance ever.

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Grooming / Dress Code
Not only your performance as an athlete but also your personality is very important. As well on and off the pitch / playing ground. It is important to be well liked, to be or become a great personality can have a positive effect on your career in sports. P4P can help you choose the right dress code suitable for the right occasion. A personal shopping assistant and or stylist in our company will be available when needed.

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Social Function
As a professional athlete people expect you to be a role model, which people, children can look up to. Think of behaviour, code of conduct, norms and values are important to stop the deterioration and deprivation of our society. It can happen that you are being invited to give a clinic or workout on schools or clubs. During those workouts you may give a presentation of what it is like to be a football player. To emphasise the importance of good nutrition and every day exercise. Sometimes you may have to represent your home country, also during such circumstances P4P will be there for your support.

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News and Information

Tailor-made advice
P4P wants you as a top football player / sportsman to be able to fully focus on your sport and your achievements.
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