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Tax and Financial Consultancy

A career in sports lasts for a relative short amount of time compared to other careers. It is therefore absolutely necessary to get the most out of the period in which you generate your highest income. In short, you save/invest money to the point that you stop with your career in sports. Eventually you must create enough income to enable you to enjoy and live your life the way you are accustomed to. It is of utmost importance to manage your required funds as best you possibly can. P4P has the knowledge to administer your funds properly. Good financial and tax consultancy is what is needed to ensure a bright future financially. P4P has reliable contacts with the sport desks of different major banks in order to give you the best advice possible.
Examples of Tax and Financial consultancy:
• Help with filling out your tax forms
• Effects in income if you are transferred to football club abroad
• Calculation of your income: gross income – net income
• Which income tax has to be paid about your salary abroad
• Mortgages
• Personal loans
• Car Financing
• Asset- Property management
• Mediation in case of the purchase of your new car, new home

If you want some more information about tax and or our financial consultancy feel free to contact us.

Legal advice

As a football player / sportsman you want to be able to fully focus on you sport. During the signing of a new contract, the prolonging or renewal of your contract or the ending of an existing contract most of the times legal advice can make all the difference.

Examples of legal advice:
• Signing a new (employment) contract / work agreement
• Prolonging or renewal of your contract
• Help when your contract is ended / employment is terminated
• Sponsorship proposals / sponsor contracts
• Portrait rights violations, what to do when this happens

P4P besides two FIFA licensed agents also has a lawyer committed to the company.
When you need legal assistance we can offer you the right advice at he right time.

For further information feel free to contact us.

News and Information

Tailor-made advice
P4P wants you as a top football player / sportsman to be able to fully focus on your sport and your achievements.
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