Mediation during transfers

P4P is an intermediary and agent in the world of sports and is an experienced negotiator with football clubs and sponsors. P4P successfully mediated for a number of football players during their transfers between their clubs with good results. In moments like these it is important that you are guided by your representative / licensed agent who has the knowledge and experience to make sure you get the most out of it. The other party has other interests than you have. During these negotiations you will benefit from the good advice given by your representative / licensed agent. P4P as an experienced agent and (players) mentor will be able to offer you excellent advice and guidance when needed.

If you require more information about guidance during transfers or need our mediation during contract talks feel free to contact us.

Mediation for work agreements

P4P has built a national and international network and has good contacts with clubs domestically and abroad due to services rendered for their football players. P4P as an experienced representative and agent has successfully mediated for a number of football players which has led to the signing of their new work agreements.

Mediation for sponsorships

Your achievements in sports can result in companies offering you some kind of sponsorship like sponsoring the shoes that you wear, the clothes that you wear or even big companies who wish to be associated with you. The reason that these companies have an interest in you is not only based on your achievements in sport alone but also your personality is of importance (see also press / media guidance). Companies want you to be somebody that can help you promote their product. You on the other hand want this company to contribute something positive to your personality. It is important that you get the proper guidance and advice. You have to keep in mind that it is not only about your image / personality, but also financially, the obligations that are agreed upon are very important. P4P offers you the professional assistance you need.

If you require more information about professional assistance regarding sponsorships feel free to contact us.

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Tailor-made advice
P4P wants you as a top football player / sportsman to be able to fully focus on your sport and your achievements.
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