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P4P International Sports Management is a dynamic company which is constantly on the move for YOU the (future) Professional. Cooperation is something that is really important for us. Cooperation between the (football) club, the (football) player, the parents and us P4P as a team to guide you.

Good, clear and early communication is important to us and makes sure that all aspects that come to mind are properly and promptly dealt with. P4P is a modern company which stands for key values such as Loyalty, Honesty, Trust and Transparency. The people in our organisation have experience in guiding and managing professional football players and sportsmen. P4P aims for its players / sportsmen to achieve the highest possible. We are a professional company that stands for Quality.

P4P enable his players / sportsmen to fully focus on their goals / targets. Dependant on their needs P4P will give each and every one of its clients the personal attention they deserve. P4P will be able to give advice not only regarding their sport / speciality, but also advise on other areas. P4P supplies their players / sportsmen with a tailor-made advice and keeps in mind that besides a career in sports there are also other important things that must not be forgotten.

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P4P will help players to be aware of their talent what they need to do in order to help them achieve their goals.
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Other sportsmen/women
Abigail Deekman is currently boxing for three years, the last year internationally...
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