Metro?s Top 50 Under-20s: Meet #28 on our list PSV Eindhoven winger Amar Catic
 PSV Eindhoven attacker Amar Catic has made it to number 28 on our list.

QPR's Komodikis dreams of Premier League
 It’s rare for a modern-day footballer not to come through an academy system from a young age. But every now and then there’s an exception, a player that breaks the trend.

Cuco Martina leaves FC Twente to join Southampton FC
As of now defender Cuco Martina will be playing in the Premier League. The former player of FC Twente is leaving to join English Premier League club Southampton FC under head coach Ronald Koeman. Martina signed a two-year contract in England.

Want to be a football player? You're not the only one!
Football is the world’s favourite sport. If you were born in Europe, Africa, or Asia, you were probably introduced to the sport at a young age: kicking about with your dad or siblings, playing matches in the school playground with your friends, that momentous day when you were given your first football jersey, or your first pair of boots. But perhaps the most memorable moment of your early involvement with the sport is sitting around a TV screen with your family members, each of them captivated by the onscreen activity, each of them on the edge of their seats in a state of undivided anticipation.

Even after a succesful football career, you can be bankrupt
With such a massive audience, football is a huge industry. Clubs are global brands, and their elite players are superstars with a more than healthy financial reward. Premiership pro players get on average £13,000 to £250,000 a week; it’s no wonder everyone wants their job.

The world of Kyle an brother Tyler Ebecilio
FC Twente TV has made a beautiful report / documentary about Kyle Ebecilio and his younger brother Tyler. They stick together like glue and besides being brothers, they are destined to be lifelong friends.

Mum Ingrid about her son Kyle Ebecilio
While Kyle mostly attended the youth academies of Feyenoord and Arsenal, Excelsior Rotterdam was Kyle’s first, if only for a while. Kyle played for six months in the F5 but after those six months it was evident that Kyle did not belong there. Kyle could and should play at a much higher level.

Kyle Ebecilio on list of the World?s Greatest Talents
Kyle Ebecilio has made in on the list of The World’s Greatest Talents by the famous Italian News Paper: La Gazetta dello Sport This Italian pink newspaper yearly makes a list with the world’s top talented football players. This year our Kyle Ebecilio is on this list.

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