Mum Ingrid about her son Kyle Ebecilio

While Kyle mostly attended the youth academies of Feyenoord and Arsenal, Excelsior Rotterdam was Kyle’s first, if only for a while. Kyle played for six months in the F5 but after those six months it was evident that Kyle did not belong there. Kyle could and should play at a much higher level. We chose to go to Feyenoord, which Excelsior was not fond of because they also figured out that Kyle was a diamond in the ruff.

Kyle then was only 8 years old like his younger brother Tyler is today. They have a special connection, because during the interview Kyle is distracted by Tyler and vice versa. At the beginning of this year Kyle joined his brother Tyler to enlist him at school. Kyle did this to comfort his little brother, who due to another relocation had to change schools again. It is one of Kyle’s qualities. Kyle is a very sweet boy his mother says. He is very calm and friendly at home and he does not go out much. But there is also another side of Kyle. Especially when among friends, then they are all like a bunch of girls (?), among friends Kyle feels at ease and is happy. Back in the day when Kyle was younger, he and his friends sometimes played football in house. Kyle and his friends frequently had to hide for his dad after they had broken something while playing football.

Kyle hears his Mum telling this story and he confirms. Nephews of mine locked themselves in the lavatory so his dad could not get to them. Kyle had hit his head against the glass table he tells with a smile on his face. Those days are over, Kyle does not have to be afraid anymore mum Ingrid says with a smile.

It will not take long or maybe Kyle already has come to the point that in a one to one duel playing football he can beat his father. Winning of his dad is however one thing, in his second professional game in the Dutch Eredivisie the question arose if he would be able to handle the fans of the other team. The other team was Feyenoord, Ingrid explanes. He expected the fans of Feyenoord to boo him and yell at him as a former player, playing for another club. This did not happen at all luckily. Ingrid says that this is because of his personality. Kyle has a very gentle personality and because of this he is well liked and respected by everyone. This is probably why the fans did not turn on him.

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